Zhang Kechun:The Yellow River

Exhibition Catalogue of three shadows + 3 gallery

After the Yangzi Jiang , the Huang He - the ‘Yellow River’ that crosses China from West to East - is the country's longest waterway. To the Chinese it is also known as 'Mother River and 'the cradle of Chinese civilisation'.


In recent years Kechun Zhang has spent a lot of time strolling the banks of the yellow River with his large format Linhof camera and he carefully sees the landscape as it really is,he gives his subject the necessary breathing space respectfully,not forgetting to mention that he gave attention to little as human relating to. By tinting the air of atmosphere, he found the time to capture as quiet, soft, calm, stillness and indulgent moments poetically yet feeling of sympathy for the devastating floods in fast changing phenomenon of China.


Zhang's delicate eyes observe the intriguing trivial, devote to miniscule and reflect to small progresses that are often undetected. Documented environment destruction as a sculptural work is deserted that cases people's everyday activities in timeless stage. Though his quiet voice statements that made in this series screams louder and stronger ever than pronounced announcements, tensions in between and the growing environmental emergency. Likewise,this series brings up the question about capitalism to all of us not just to China, we endlessly pushes us to new and shifts. We become addicted to a vague desire, soulless fast forward and more and more worldly goods.


Inimitable view that he collected is rather poetic, graceful sonnet - the immobility of the river in its calmer moments. It’s a river but not only a river in his images, dark side of a booming China; human beings seem microscopic in gigantic nature in this larger than life setting; strangeness and an artificial scenes contrast gradually in vast landscape like chasing a mirage. Despite of splendid sceneries in his images,depressing reality underneath from struggling moments comes in anytime. However he still hopes that nature and human will be able to work together endeavor for the upkeep.


 April 30,2014