"NEWPHOTO 10 Years" , as the opening exhibition of the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, is to commemorate the 10 years ago in China when the major turning point in contemporary photography, played a great role in the magazine. Founded by the photographers Liu Zheng and RongRong, new photography was published in four issues from 1996 to 1998. It is a small print edition of A3, a photocopied and hand bound magazine. The limited circulation of "NEWPHOTO" 10 years ago made many people see Liu Zheng's "Chinese" and "three circles" for the first time, RongRong's "East village series" and Hong Lei's "Forbidden City series" , zhuang Hui's "one and thirty" and other important works. The artists included in the magazine are Jin Yongquan, Wang Xu, Liu Anping, Yan Lei, Takanami, Zhao Liang, Qiu Zhijie, Jiang Zhi, an Hong, Guan Ce, Feng Weidong (Sanmao) , Zheng Guogu. Rong Rong hopes to turn the ideals of 10 years ago into reality by exhibiting and publishing his works in public. The exhibition, which commemorates the 10th anniversary of NEWPHOTO, is in line with one of the founding principles of the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, which invited curators Wu Hung and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, they helped edit the 10th anniversary issue of NEWPHOTO, published by three shadows publishing. The idea of the album is to restore the magazine to its original glory, while at the same time perfecting the analysis and criticism of the background with historical span beyond the pictures. The collection was redesigned in accordance with the concept of NEWPHOTO at the time, adding a number of artist interviews to the original NEWPHOTO page; Wu Hung, Kellen, Shimizu Minnan, Christopher. Articles by professionals such as Phillips and Zhang Li; resumes of artists; Memorabilia of Contemporary Chinese photography from 1976 to 2000; content index, etc. . This richer and more complete overall framework is intended to restore the dust-laden history, but also for the current development of photographic art to provide valuable reference.




Liu Zheng, Jin Yongquan, RongRong, Wang Xu, Liu Anping, Zhuang Hui, Yan Lei, Gao Bo, Zhao Liang, Qiu Zhijie, Jiang Zhi, An Hong, Hong Lei, Guan Ce, San Mao, Zheng Guogu


Authors who wrote articles for the book include Wu Hung, Karen Smith, Christopher Phillips, Shimizu Toshio, and Zhang Li. The book also includes interviews and Q&As from authors and artists.