Ken Kitano our face

Since 2007, Kitano has taken the early long exposure technique a step further, extending the exposure time even to twenty-four. There was no movement in the scene, only the empty landscape and the track of the sun across the sky. The Aura on the side of Mount Fuji, a Halo in the Tokyo Sky like an extraterrestrial, makes one wonder what the nature of photography is all about in a mysterious atmosphere. Photography is all about capturing a moment in an infinite continuum of time, or as small a unit as possible. The world we see with the naked eye is actually an overlapping memory of countless consecutive moments on our retinas, but KITANO's experiment seems to break down this kind of moment capture, exposing countless moments on a single plate at the same time. It's impossible to make out the outline of a particular moment, but we know that in twenty-four or three hours of exposure, all the moments are left, on a negative. KITANO's photographs will make us think a lot.