Opening of Ten Directions: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of The Three Shadows Photography

At 4 pm on June 9th in 2018, as rain pattered lightly outside, Ten Directions: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Three Shadows Photography Awardofficially opened with a beautiful piano performance. Chen Shen, the curator of Three Shadows,hosted this enormous event, which brought in more than 20 participating artists and nearly 300 guests from all over the world. 


At the opening ceremony, Three Shadows co-founders Rong Rong and inri reviewed the development and growth of the Three Shadows Photography Award since its establishment 10 years ago, expressing gratittude to the friends, artists, and the team who have kept it going. The artists in attendance all came to the stage as well and shared their reflections and stories of personal growth after being included in the past editions of the award.


“I am very glad to be back in this big family today,” said Chen Zhe, who won first prize in the 2011 Three Shadows Photography Award competition. “I saw many old friends who were once new and they have done a lot of new works. Everyone is deliberating on photography as an artistic medium in their own directions. The growth and change over the decade not only represents the transitions in the photographic creation of our participating artists every year, but also the transitions in the understanding of photography of those people who created the medium of photography.”


“The  Three Shadows is like a great school,” said the participating artist Qiu, who entered in 2008. “I am very pleased to meet so many outstanding artists.”


In the evening, Rong Rong and Inri lit candles alongside the artists and jointly wished the Three Shadows a better and better future. Afterwards, the guests gathered around for the dinner, enjoyed beer and barbecue, and celebrated the successful opening of the10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Three Shadows Photography Award.

September 6, 2018