2021 UNBOUNDED Group Exhibition Participants Announced

For "2021 Unbounded Group Exhibition", we will present 23 artists selected from nearly 200 submissions. "UNBOUNDED" attempts to break the boundaries. In the selection process, we evaluate the submissions in terms of completion, reflection, and aesthetics. While adhering to academic standards, we seek to find the diversity of consciousness expressed by various artists and strive to present an inclusive and diverse exhibition to our audience.


The UNBOUNDED exhibition project was launched by Three Shadows Photography Art Center Xiamen in 2018. We have presented 21 artists' solo exhibitions and one group exhibition so far, dedicated to discover and support potential young photography artists. The Unbounded project will continue, looking forward to presenting diverse art works in a boundless way. We also hope to find more artists through this project and provide them with a professional platform to display their works, meanwhile, connecting art lovers so that Unbounded Project could be a more extensive space for display and communication.

Participating Artists: Cai Yuanqi,Chen Shan, Chan Manyi,Feng Shaowu,HAN SANSI,Li Jiaxin,Li Xiaofa,Liu Yuchen & Luo Rui,Shi Yilin,Sun Fanxi,Wang Jiandong,Wang Keqin,Wang Qianyi,Wang Weirong,Wang Xueping,Wu Yang,Wu Yumo,Xie Shuchang,Vinny Yang,Zeng Wanqiu,Zhang Jinming,Zhou Jiexin ,Zhu Yiming.


2021 UNBOUNDED Group Exhibition
Organizer: Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre
Duration:  Jun 5, 2021 – Jul 5, 2021
Opening Week:Jun 5 - 6
Venue: No. 301, Building 2, Xinglinwan Business Center, Jimei District, Xiamen

May 14, 2021