Home Memory Image Project:HOME KING x Three Shadows

1920s-2020s:Xiamen memories in family albums During the new year's Day (January 1st -1 3 days), Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and HOMEKING jointly presented the "1920s - 2020s: Xiamen Memories in Family Albums" exhibition.





As a medium, photography initially works as archives in journalism, military affairs, science and research fields and gradually develops into an art form within reach. It has also become a common way for people to record and share their daily life, among which family is the most frequently documented theme.


Sharing the consistent love and consensus for family culture, HOME KING and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre jointly launch the Home Memory Image Project. This year, as the start point of this program, we invite HOMEKING’s customers and employees across the country to present their precious records with the theme of Home Memory·Xiamen.


From these photos, we can see some lovely moments in the ordinary days. There are young couples ready to welcome their new baby, as well as extended families with three generations living under the same roof. Everyone uses cameras to record their life when a day’s work is done. It can be a selfie with friends, a satisfied smile at the company's annual party, a bottle of hot water prepared by their returning husband, the children waiting for their mother to come back for dinner, etc. What moves us is the power of images as the container of moments and the unique atmosphere of each family.


When the city falls asleep, family will always keep a warm lamp waiting for you to come home.







Jan. 2, 2021

15:00 - 17:00


Curator's Guided Tour

Jan. 2, 2021

17:00 - 17:30


January 1, 2021