Opening Review丨Zhang Kechun Solo Exhibition

On the afternoon of 25th October, "Where the River Bends—Zhang Kechun Solo Exhibition" welcomed its official opening at Three Shadows Photographic Art Centre. The artist Zhang Kechun and the curator Cai Meng were present in person for the audience to bring about a guided exhibition tour, interacting with the audience to share the behind-the-stage stories of the artworks as well as ideas and intentions throughout the curatorial process. 


The exhibition is an overview of Kechun’s art career for over 10 years. His works internalize the typical techniques of Chinese landscape painting. Techniques such as cavalier perspective and scene shifting—a depiction from non-fixed point of view—are applied to create a series of landscape photographs including Mountain Dai. According to Kechun, the artist himself appears in some the photographs, while instead having the person he intended to photograph to press the shutter release. The switch in terms of physical position and photographic relation arouses a great interest among the audience to look for the face of Kechun when they are taking a closer look the photographs.

October 26, 2019