Come and join the first Three Shadows PhoPho Fair in October!

Exhibition for young photographers

Art fair for photo collectors

Marketplace for prints, photobooks and photo-related products


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre will host its first Three Shadows PhoPho Fair from October 4 to 6, 2019.  PhoPho Fair aims to establish a platform to foster critical discussion of photography as an art, as well as support young photographers and cultivate an informed, forward-mindedcollector’s market.


PhoPho Fair will provide a space for young photographers to display and sell their works and a space for collectors to discover new works and make contacts with new artists. Three Shadows will also set up a special exhibition space that will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and working environments of young Chinese artists.


Three Shadows will host lectures, talks, workshops and other activities during the fair, opening the attending photographers up to new voices and ideas.


Date :October 4-6, 2019

Time: 11am-10pm

Location155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Stall size3×3×3m

What we offer per stall: display table × 1; chair × 2; wall of specified area

Fee: 700RMB / 3 days (Gallery 1), 500RMB / 3 days(Gallery 2)

What you also get: promotion of your works on Three Shadows’ social media platforms, professional advice on your works’ edition size and pricing, and a chance for collectors to see your work.




We’ll be setting up a special area for consigned works by artists that are not able to join us during the fair. Consignment is limited to 5 works per artist; each side of the work should not exceed 0.8 mand its total size should not exceed 0.5 m2. No frames accepted. Each artist should generate a QR code including his/her name, name of work, price, and edition size. The service fee will be 20% of the final sale price. The artist is responsible for the transportation of their works.


“PhoPho X”


A special exhibition section for PhoPho Fair geared around public discussion of photo curation and the working lives of photographers.


“PhoPho Events”


PhoPho Lecture; PhoPho Talk; PhoPho Review; PhoPho Workshop; PhoPho Night; Studio Open Day.




Application Deadline: August 20, 2019 (application now open)

Selected Notification Time:2019.8.30

Application Materials:

1. Application FormFlowing Form

2. Electronic files of at least five works that youplan on selling at the fair and information of these works (files need to be compressed, and the size of each file needs to be below 1mb)


How to apply: Send application materials to:



Fair Director : Yan Qi  

Project Executive: Xinyi Ma,  Baiyu Ren

Coperate Relations: Gaocai Yao

VIP&Collectors Relations: Liqing Lu, Jiali Yang

Media: Chi Zhang

Event: Xinyi Chen,  Jiawen Hu, Yan Mou

Design: Yuchen Pan

Project Assistants: Qiuyang Shen, Xiyue Yan, Shiyu Zhang



Exhibitor Relations:



TEL: +86 10 64322663-8018


July 20, 2019