Opening review丨Wenhuan Shao "The Soften the Glow" & Liang Xiu "From Something to Nothing"

There are two exhibitions officially opened yesterday afternoon! They are “The Soften the Glow” by Yin Wenhuan during his SMArt Swiss residency, and Xiu Liang’s first solo exhibition “From something to nothing”. Wenhuan Shao and Xiu Liang came to the scene, held two wonderful artists talks, and actively communicate with the audience. The opening ceremony was attended by nearly 300 guests, including Ms. Mariam Alshamsi, head of Media Affairs Section, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in China. Mr Jan Jerzy Malicki,Deputy Director of the Culture Service,the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in China. Celebrated director Mr. Gu Changwei. Musician Ms. Cheng Lin. Artists Ms. Anais Mahtine, Mr. Wang Qingsong and Mr. Yunchang He.


The opening ceremony was presided over by Qi Yan, exhibition manager at Three Shadows. Mr. Romain Barrabas, deputy Head of the Culture and Media Section, Embassy of the Switzerland in China; featured artists Wenhuan Shao and Liang Xiu delivered separate speeches. Mr. Romain Barrabas gave first speech by introducing the purpose and development history of the SMArt (Sustainable Mountain Art) which launched by the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions(FDDM) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in 2014.  Mr. Romain said “This program allow us to create bridges between countries, beyond languages and culture...through art and more precisely photography in this case.” The artist Wenhuan Shao chose the Swiss landmark mountains as the theme of his creation. Through his unique creative form, he provides a different perspective, giving the audience a glimpse of Switzerland in the eyes of Chinese photographers.


Wenhuan Shao gave thanks and also shared the creative ideas from the process of making “The Soften the Glow”, he continued his explorations of the landscapes of the natural world during this three-month resident creation in Montaigne, Valais, Switzerland. He engaged with the majestic Swiss mountain ranges and trained his lens on Swiss natural landmarks such as the Matterhorn and the Aletsch Glacier. He uses mixed media methods, primarily rooted in photography, to capture the deeper levels of this natural crisis, a motif with global significance.


Artists Xiu Liang said 2017 is her first time visited Three Shadows, at that time, she had just started to take photography as her career. In the two years since, Three Shadows has continued to give her support and companionship, witnessing her growth as an artist. From “Fringe of society” to “Fire Like Me” to “Nothing” – they represent important junctures in her life, she is grateful that Three Shadows brought these works together and provided an opportunity to fully display them.

June 29, 2019