May Day Holiday Activities Review

Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre celebrated the May Day holiday in style with two exhibitions, two concerts, and a dance party. Solo exhibitions from Yateng (“Crinkled Fog”) and Huang Anlan (“Paradise”) blended with the music of Eric Lau and Uncle Yang Ye, creating a unique multimedia experience.


Lau, a world-renowned music producer and mixing engineer, kicked off the festivities at Three Shadows Xiamen on April 30, engaging the audience in a dialogue about creating music before launching into a set. 


The opening of Yateng’s “Crinkled Fog” followed. A touching series of images about people living with depression, “Crinkled Fog” resulted from over a year of making pictures. Yateng provided in-depth stories about the photos at the opening, helping the audience better understand depression.


Later than evening, Lau joined DJ Benedek, Beatween co-founder Knopha, and Jiaming to provide an evening of therapeutic dancefloor rhythms. 


“Paradise,” a collection of collages by Huang Anlan, opened several days later on May 4. Huang shared insight into her working process and experience studying abroad, drawing a large audience. 


Uncle Yang Ye, an independent musician and singer, shared folk songs under the theme of “This Land Belongs to Me and You” later that same day, sharing bits of musical history, creative ideas, and views and feelings about music with everyone at Three Shadows Xiamen. 





May 11, 2019