“Greetings from South Korea”, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre’s first exhibition of 2019, represents a diversity of Korean photography through three parts: "Limb Eung-Sik: History Through the Lens,” "Reinventing Our Time,” and "Same Seasons, Different Memories.”   Chinese and South Korean artists and guests gathered on January 13  to witness its successful opening and mark the beginning of the year.


RongRong, Three Shadows’ co-founder, delivered the first speech..“We are very pleased to be able to bring these Korean national treasures to the Beijing audiences again after its appearance at the Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival last November,” he said in his remarks. “Korean art has always been active on the international stage and it is a very important part of Asian art. The infusion of Korean photography brings new vitality and a broader perspective.”


Mr. Han Jae Bul of the South Korean embassy in China and thepresident of the Korean Culture CenterChina, said that “being exhibited at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, the most professional photography art institution in China, has a profound significance for these Korean artists. I hope this exhibition will be an opportunity to make more active cultural exchanges between China and South Korea.”


Song Youngsook, the Chief Director of The Museum of Photography, Seoul, said “I got acquainted with Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival last year and take this opportunity to come to Beijing to express my heartfelt thanks to Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Mr. RongRong for introducing these excellent works to Chinese audiences. This exhibition will show the representative works of three generations of  Korean photography artists, providing an extremely rare opportunity for Chinese audiences to have an overview of the history of Korean photography culture from the historical framework of the country.”


Bérénice Angremy, the Art Director of Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival, said that“It was a great honor to invite South Korea to be the main guest country of Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival last November. The tour of this exhibition is essential to us.”


After the opening ceremony, Three Shadows’ Exhibition Manager Qi Yan, who also hosted the event, began the opening talk, "Korean Photography in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives" Guests included two curators, Seok Jae-Hyun and Kim Sunyoung; five  photographers, Kim Jungman, Koo Bohnchang,  Lee Gap-Chul, Min Byung-Hun, Park Ki Ho; the Art Directors of Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival, Bérénice Angremy and Victoria Jonathan; and RongRong. The talk discussed the characterization of Korean photography and its historical background on the global art stage, and future steps in its evolution.  The talk and the following signing session attracted heated feedback and all seats were taken.


A special thanks to: Korean Culture Center, China; Hanmi Pharm.Co.,Ltd.; Chaer Dairy Co.,Ltd.

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January 13, 2019