Young Artists Running Program


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre officially launched the Young Artists Running Program in Beijing 3.0 SPACE. The project unites a number of senior domestic and foreign artists, curators, and scholars to provide systematic guidance for potential art creators, inspire and help creators in their creation.


The project will be open for registration. After the preliminary selection, no more than 10 applicants will be admitted in 2021, and each applicant will cooperate with 2 tutors. During the creative year. The two tutors will provide a total of 12 times online or offline one-to-one guidance for applicants (the specific teaching time can be flexibly negotiated). During this period, applicants can enjoy an independent working environment in the new exhibition hall. After the creative year ends, the final art works will be exhibited in the new exhibition hall (3.0 space) of Beijing Three Shadows.


3.0 space Invitation of Mentors List: Cai Dongdong, Cai Meng, Dong Bingfeng, Feng Boyi, Gao Bo, He Yining, Liu Bolin, Lu Yinghua, Rongrong & Yingli, Ruben Lundgren ,Shen Chen, Wang Qingsong.


* This project will select one scholarship winner each year






Wang Jingyi

Youth Film Team

Wang Yuxing

Xin Li

Ai Kuo

Wu Xinzhu

Gu Shi

Hu Jingya&Michael Cheung



file download


1. Project Proposal  (Chinese)

2. Submittion Form

3. Space Foorplan



Application conditions


1. No restriction on nationality, suitable for creators who love art, have independent creative ideas, and hope to have a deeper understanding.

2. The creative project must be a cross-media visual art work centered on photography or images.



Project Process


1. Document submission and review

2. Invite two mentors

3. Instructor guide 12 times

4. Solo Exhibition



Applicants will receive: 


1. Cooperate with senior mentors at home and abroad on projects and give one-to-one guidance.

2. Professional museum-level basic equipments, exhibition support, independent and free creative environment.

3. Three shadows media propaganda support.

4. Those who perform well in the project will receive scholarships and opportunities for in-depth cooperation with Three Shadows and their mentors.





Project Q&A


Q: After the application is successful, how long is the creative year?

A: After being shortlisted, applicants can start project creation immediately for no more than one year. This year's application deadline is September 1, 2021.


Q: Can I choose my tutor freely?

A: Each applicant will choose two tutors, and the tutors will also make two-way selection. After the tutoring period is over, the applicant can continue to communicate with the tutor.


Q: How to start the tutorial after confirming the tutor?

A: Applicants can discuss the teaching format, time and location with Three Shadows and the instructor, both online and offline.


Q: Is the applicant limited to individuals? Can it be a group?

A: This project welcomes applications from individuals or artist groups.


Q: Are there any restrictions on the format of the exhibition?

A: As an experimental space, we respect the individual expression of every art applicant. The exhibition format is not limited, and the final landing can be performances, interactive installations, etc.


Q: How long is the exhibition time? What resources are available?


A: Applicants can use the 3.0 space for a total of 20 days for installation,. Applicants can also enjoy rich museum resources such as Three Shadows Collection, exhibitions, lectures, darkrooms. Three Shadows will assist applicants in organizing exhibition openings, sharing sessions and other activities.


Q: Is there any cost to participate in this project?

A: Applicants need to bear a certain fee, which will be explained in the selected email. Applicants can try to apply for funding subsidies from schools, foundations, and the government to reduce the burden of the exhibition.


Q: How to check other questions?

A: Welcome to send relevant questions to hujiawen





About 3.0 space


3.0 space is an independent art space established by the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in early 2021. It is also an experimental field dedicated to young art creators and researchers. We will hold diversified exhibitions, dialogues, screenings and other thematic activities here, aiming to build a platform to better stimulate the contemporary photography in China and pass the charm of the artistic language of photography to a wider audience. There are space here, please use your imagination.