Reshaping of the Ecology of Chinese Contemporary Photography: Talk Series of The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of TSPA

16 June 2018

Host: Ran Zhang
Lecturers: Jun Wang, Zhe Chen, Rong Rong

16 June, 2018  3pm-4:30pm



Since the establishment of the Three Shadows Photography Award in 2008, it has spotlighted many talented young artists whose works have helped define and steer the path of the contemporary photography in China. Its growth has revealed not only the achievements of these artists, but also how the understanding of photography among young Chinese has changed and how young artists fit into the broader world of contemporary photography in China.

This conversation will invite art collectors, young artists and directors of non-profit art institutions to discuss the situation of Chinese contemporary photography from various perspectives. They will talk about reshaping the ecology of Chinese contemporary photography in order to build a more sustainable system for the development of young artists.