Everyone as a Curator

October 20, 2019

Vanue:Xiamen Three Shadows Photography Art Centre ( 301 Building No.2 Xinglinwan Business center, Jimei District, Xiamen) 

Time:15:00 - 17:00


It comes to us that the concept of curation is not limited to only art and buisness, but also extends to the realm of life and work. A more in depth understanding of curation and its application allows us to convey our idea and target in our daily interaction.


This issue of TALK XM is published in collaboration with Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Xiamen. With the theme "Curation", we invited four curators to share with us curatorial tips distilled from their experience of practice. Intending to provide inspirations to those who are interested in curatorial works, the talk covers from deciphering an exhibition, choosing curatorial topics, designing and planning an exhibition, to budgeting an exhibition, and inviting and interacting with artist, critic, and media, etc.


Guest Speakers:


Gong Lingjie
Post 90s independent curator

Gong has studied in Germany for five years for curatorial studies. He has curated exhibitions such as About Together We Shine, and Looking for Zero Point.


Independent curator Gong Lingjie, as a new curator, will combine his majored studies with curatorial practices, to share with you the theme of "selfish" curation.



Wang Yujie
Director of Bu Yuan Qu Art and Cultural Space

Independent curator. Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Art,School of Humanities,art management major. He is Attending the London Sothebys Institute of Art for Master of Art Management. Curated exhibitions include Huaxian! Let’s begin writing and painting, Anthony Hernandez Photography Exhibition — Else Where, Xiamen New Wave, Xiamen City Memory Show, etc.

Curator Wang Yujie received systematic professionalized art management educations. He has a unique understanding of curation. He started to do art-related jobs in Beijing Thinking Hands Company sins early college life and then worked in Qiu Zhijie’s studio. At the same time founded One Generation ( Beijing ) Art Exhibition company. Wang Participated two times of 798 Annual Art Festival, gained a lot of expertise in art curation and art management.



Zhang Si Tian

Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen Curation Director

Curator and architect graduated from the Architecture major of the school of architecture and art, China Academy of fine arts. Now, she is the curation director of the red dot design museum, Xiamen, and once worked in Fei Chang architectural firm.



Teng Qingyun

Xiamen Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Exhibition Director
Teng graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Master of Chinese Culture. Now working in Xiamen Three Shadows Photography Art Centre as Exhibition Director. Responsible for the exhibitions, events, and media related works in Beijing and Xiamen Three Shadows. Was the Exhibition director of 2017, 2018 Jimei Arles International Photography season; The assistant Curator of “40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography (1976 - 2017 )”, “Ten Square: 10th Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition”.