Artist Talk by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen

November 8, 2018

Organizer: Three Shadows Photography Art Center, the Danish Culture Center

Language: English with Mandarin Translation

Date:   3 pm, November 8, 2018

Venue: The 1st floor of the art shop, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre( 155A, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing)


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre was honored to invite Danish artist Charlotte Haslund Christensen to present her recent creations on November 8, 2018. . The artist shared with the audience her video work “HOPE & FEAR”  , which is currently on display at the Danish Cultural Center, as well as the thought process behind her other films and images.




About the artist



Charlotte Haslund-Christensen is a photography and video artist living in Copenhagen. Her artistic practice combines anthropology, documentary and social interaction. Her work, often in the form of fieldwork, overturns the role of museums and archival surveys in shaping minority and majority groups -- focusing on the political and historical role of photography and the media in dealing with social issues. These works question representation, provide a different voice, and confront the forces that dominate the mainstream.


In recent years, Haslund-Christensen has begun to interrogate the history and role of media that mainly rely on the lens and she has created many commissioned projects and public space works, including “TO TINGBJERG WITH LOVE” (2012), “TIME FOR TRUST” (2016), and the recent large-scale three-channel video projection “HOPE & FEAR”. Her works have been exhibited in Denmark, New York, Paris, Pingyao, Warsaw, Helsinki, Casablanca and other places, and have been collected by many foundations and museums.





“HOPE & FEAR” is a large-scale, three-channel video projection.  It arises from footage  Haslund-Christensen gathered in the streets of Beijing, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Copenhagen, Dar Es Salaam, New York and Ulaanbaatar, which is compiled toform a global choir of voices in answer to the questions “What’s your biggest hope?” and “What’s your biggest fear?”. It is an appeal to global solidarity and respect.


‘In an environment of increasing global fear, my work is driven by questioning cultural stereotypes and exploring the mechanisms that define 'the other'. This includes challenging the role of the media in creating exclusion and stigmatization - in structuring and creating prejudice and minorities. “Hope & Fear” gives people a chance to speak out. And my greatest hope is that they can communicate with each other.’


—— Charlotte Haslund-Christensen


Haslund-Christensen has photographed over 40 LGBTQ people in the basement of a Copenhagen police station - mugshots of the criminals they would be in the 76 countries that outlaw same-sex relationships.


The title “WHO'S NEXT?” is inspired by Martin Niemöller's protest against political apathy during the rise of Nazism: 'First they came for the communists/ And I didn't speak out/ Because I wasn't a communist …'.


Reproducing and representing the archive, the limited edition book box contain 42 mugshots printed in the police format in original plastic sleeves with Niemöller's poem as frontispiece. 


“WHO'S NEXT?” continues the artist's investigation of the role of photography in framing and creating minorities. Addressing processes of exclusion and stigmatization, the project is also an appeal to solidarity, community and respect.


With “Natives: The Danes,” Charlotte chose to reverse the colonial gaze and make ethnic Danes the object of the gaze in the same way that Western visual representations have stereotyped others. The work took the native Danish people as the subjects, and presented images in the manenr of  traditional anthropological and even ethnographic images. The work won a prize at the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition in 2011.