Domestic and Foreign - British Female Photographers and Their Work: Another Way of Telling(Xiamen) —Opening Talk

January 15, 2019

The exhibition “Another Way of Telling” showcases almost 100 works from the rich, dynamic careers of Anna Fox and Karen Knorr, two leading documentary photographers in the UK. Hao Xu, the curator of the exhibition, conducted site tours and offered the lecture ‘Domestic and Foreign - British Female Photographers and Their Work’ during the opening ceremony at Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre on January 15. 


“These photographers explore culture, gender, family, land, city, environment,  war, and nature through a diversity of forms: documentary photography, staged photography, narrative photography, performance photography, landscape photography and experimental photography. The work arouses our thinking and exploration of  space, and the way we consider sociology, nature and construction of culture. Through the use of a series of aesthetic strategies, our attention is drawn back again to think about the environmenwe inhabit and the fundamental impact we’ve caused. Definitely, what we can do in an image is proportional to the observations we make and knowledge we have.”                                    


—Hao Xu



Through the  the artists’works, the lecture observed contemporary British female photography from the perspectives of local individuals' memory and their families, cities, journeys, and histories. The lecture explored how artists view the concepts of “local” and “foreign” – being home and being away – . How do we reflect on the close relationship between issues and people's lives from the perspective of artists?