Korean Photography in historical and Contemporary Perspectives: Opening Talk of "Greetings from South Korea"

January 13, 2019

2019.1.13 15:30-17:30

Languages: Chinese, Korean

Guests: Kim Jungman, Kim Sunyoung, Koo Bohnchang,  Lee Gap-Chul, Bérénice Angremy, Victoria Jonathan, Min Byung-Hun, Park Ki Ho,Rong Rong, Seok Jae-Hyun.


15:30-16:15 The development of Korean photographic institutions

16:15-17:10 Starting from the individual creation—Korean Photography of the post-world war II generation

17:10-17:30 Q&A


On occasion of the exhibition “Greetings from South Korea”, the talk will discuss the issues on positioning, characteristics, historical backgrounds and development status of Korean photography in the global art world from the perspectives of the organization operation and individual practices of the artists.