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展览时间:2015412-531上午1000 - 下午600 (周一闭馆)

地址:北京市朝阳区草场地155A 100015





讲座时间:2015412上午1000 – 下午1215














                  Ben Huang(电子音乐人,摄影家)



活动时间:2015412上午1100 – 下午500







本届三影堂摄影奖国际评委会的评委分别是:摄影艺术家、策展人具本昌先生(Bohnchang Koo),韩国;国立影像美术馆(Jeu de Paume)馆长玛尔塔·吉利女士(Marta Gili),法国;三影堂摄影艺术中心创始人、总监荣荣先生(RongRong),中国;amanasalto总监河内尚先生(Taka Kawachi),日本;中央美术学院美术馆策展人蔡萌先生(Tsai Meng),中国。





Detachment2015 7th Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition


Exhibition Director: RongRong & inri

Program Executive: Chen Shen


Host: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Official Sponsor: Ambassade de France en Chine

Sponsors: Shiseido; amanasalto

Strategic Partner: Modern Media

Supporters: Sculpting in Time; Huodongshu.com


Opening & Ceremony: April 12, 2015, 3 p.m.

Duration: April 12 - May 31, 2015 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

Address: No. 155A, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015

Tel: 86-10-64322663

Website: en.threeshadows.cn


Jury Talk Series:

Date and Time: April 12, 2015, 10:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Location: Exhibition Hall 3, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Topic: Plain Beauty

Lecturer: Bohnchang Koo (Curator and Photographer, South Korea)

Topic: On Current Japanese Photography

Lecturer: Taka Kawachi (Director of amanasalto, Japan)

Topic: History of Shiseido Corporate Culture

Lecturer: Keiko Toyoda (Curator of Shiseido Corporate Culture Dept., Japan)


Open-Air Concert

Date and Time: April 12, 2015, Starts from 4:30 p.m.

Special Music Director: Zhang Yadong (Producer, Musician, Director)

Performers: Tian Peng (Member of Supermarket Band, Musician, Producer)

                    Ben Huang (Electronic Musician, Photographer)


The 4th Photography Flea Market

Date and Time: April 12, 2015, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: Courtyard, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre



Participant Artists: Sick Girl, Cao Qiongyue, Doreen Chan, Chen Jie, Chen Xiaoyi, Cheng Xinhao, Du Yang, Fan Shunzan, 9mouth, Lau Wai, Law Na-Loretta, Li Ke, Liu Ying, Ng Tsz Lok Gary, Ren Weixing, Shen Yangchao, Shen Jingjing, Wang Juyan, Wang Meijia, Wu Shankun, Wu Wei, Xuan Canxiong, Yeung Tak Ming, Zhang Lu, Zheng Dragon, Zhu Yinghao, Zhuo Kailuo.


After intense deliberation by the selection committee, 27 finalists have been selected out of the 473 candidates to participate in the Seventh Three Shadows Photography Award (TSPA) exhibition. Photography Award Exhibition will be held on April 12th, 2015 at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. The duration will continue to May 31.


2015 Three Shadows Photography Award International Jury includes Bohnchang Koo, Photographer and Curator, South Korea; Marta Gili, Director of Jeu de Paume, France; RongRong, Founder and Director of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China; Taka Kawachi, Director of amanasalto, Japan; Tsai Meng, Curator of CAFA Art Museum, China.


This year's Photography Award includes the Three Shadows Photography Award and the Shiseido Photographer Prize. Three Shadows Photography Award winner will receive 80,000 RMB, and Shiseido Photographer Award winner will receive 20,000 RMB. The final results of the competition will be announced at the opening ceremony, after the international jury has made its decisions. 







Sick Girl
My pen name is Sickgirl, I started to shoot peoples portrait at the begining of the 2014, I started to using camera in the end of 2012. My wish is using the camera to make my paint come true in reality. I draw, I take photos, but without telling my family, I think it was my privacy, and I will continue to take girls photos, because, for me, the girls means beauty, it’s means weak and small, easy to broken but sensitive, just like little worms or animals.
Cao Qiongyue
female, the Han nationality, was born in 1984 in Chongqing Jiangjin
2013 work "Moon on the wane " was nominated the fifth session of the Three Shadows Photography Award
In 2009 graduated from the oil painting department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute.
Chen Jie
Now as the chief photojournalist of the Beijing News, had been the photojournalist, the associate editor and the chief editor of Photography Department since he joined the newspaper in 2003. He has been back to his beloved career as a photojournalist after his resignation as chief editor in May, 2014.
He has accomplished several reports on China environmental issues in 2014, such as severe environment contamination in the Tengger Desert, the death of the protected rare birds in Erdos and pollution of Kalamaili nature reserve in Sinkiang, which have exerted a tremendous influence on government environmental protection policy and problem solutions. 
Chen Jie, a vibrant, dynamic journalist well-loved for his insightful photographs, has spend years coving the important public events and investigative reporting, including the Wenchuan earthquake(2008), the Myanmar hurricane(2008), Beijing Olympic Games(2008), the Japan earthquake(2011) and the Egypt riots(2011). His works have been widely spread by news agencies all over the world and have built his reputation as the Young Photographer of China and China's Distinguished Journalist of the Year.
Chen Xiaoyi 
1992生于中国四川,目前工作生活往返于英国与成都之间。2014年获得伦敦传媒学院摄影硕士学位,并获得伦敦传媒学院/Photofusion奖。她的作品受西方抽象艺术和东方哲学的双重影响,着眼于自然,颇具个人的东方审美情怀。 她近期的作品以摄影与版画的结合为主。
born in Chengdu, China in 1992. She received her MA in photography from the London College of Communications in 2014 and was awarded the LCC/Photofusion Prize. Chen’s practice is tied to a natural, oriental aesthetic, influenced by Western abstract art and oriental philosophy. Photography is a personal tool for Chen, used to question broad concepts that migrate from the personal to the philosophical realm. Her recent work focuses on the combination of photography and printmaking, a combination of techniques used to explore beneath the surface of things by simplifying and abstracting; an approach aimed at reviving spiritual awareness and intuition before entering the symbolic nature of what we view.
Doreen Chan
1987年生于香港,2010年于香港理工大学获应用及媒体艺术文学士学位,主修视觉传意;2012年获香港大学专业进修学院摄影深造文凭。陈氏一直热衷摄影创作,于2010年赴英国利兹加入East Street Arts,并设立其个人艺术工作室。现生活于香港。
日常生活是陈氏的主要兴趣和摄影题材,喜爱透过摄影将自己与身边的各种事物连上关系。陈氏深信「我怎样生活,就怎样拍照」。陈氏于连州国际摄影年展2013中举行了《25.9:「 就是说/Hey/系呀」》首个个展,并于2014年刺点画廊﹣《780s》,《百花齐放 The Photocrafters Fundraising Mini Auction》及《看—看—看》展览展出其作品。其作品入选2015年三影堂摄影奖。
Doreen, Wing Yan Chan was born in 1987 in Hong Kong. Originally trained in Visual Communication, Chan received her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied and Media Arts from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2010. During the same period, while working as a graphic designer, she began experimenting with photography and making works. Her creative outlet brought her to Leeds, UK, where she joined East Street Arts and held an artist studio in 2010. In 2012, she studied her Postgraduate Diploma in Photography at the School of Professional and Continuing Education in the University of Hong Kong. She currently lives in Hong Kong.
Chan’s daily life is her main interest and inspiration of her photography. She draws from various subjects that relate the intricacies of her identity to the surrounding environment. She believes “How I photograph, is how I live!”. 
She was invited to hold her first solo exhibition 25.9: “jiù shì shu/Hey/hai6 aa1” at Lianzhou Foto Festival 2013 and exhibit her works in various exhibitions such as 780s, Blindspot Gallery, The Photocrafters Fundraising Mini Auction and See Saw Seen. Her work has been selected as one of the 2015 Three Shadows Photography Award Finalists.
Cheng Xinhao
 《不同来源的水》(“出门与回家——大藏艺术空间学术邀请展”,昆明, 2014)
Cheng Xinhao was born in Yunnan(China) in 1985. He received his PhD on Chemistry from Peking University in 2013. Since then, he returned to Yunnan and worked as an artist.
 <Water from Different Sources> ("Out and Home - Dha Tsang Art Space Academic Exhibition", Kunming, 2014)
 <The Documentary of a Village> ("Collision between Generations - Exhibition of Contemporary Photography of the 60's to the 90's from Yunnan Province ", Qujing, Kunming, Mengzi, 2014)
 <The Documentary of a Village> ("Nomination Exhibition" unit, 1st Beijing Photo Biennial, Beijing, 2013)
 <A Book of My Hometown> ("The Way Home" exhibition, Destination Culture Space, Beijing, 2013)
 <The Naming of a River> ("Home and Destination" exhibition, Destination Culture Space, Beijing, 2012)
 <Four Cities> (Group exhibitions, The 11th China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, 2011)
 <Mang> was funded by Sina Photo Foundation in 2014.
 <The Documentary of a Village> was funded by Ofpix Foundation in 2012
Du Yang
Born and raised in Hefei, China, Du Yang is a female photographer currently based in Beijing. Her works has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with venues including The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan; Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong; Jinan International Photography Biennial, China; Beijing Destination Art Space, China; Gucang Contemporary Photo Gallery, China; Lishui International Photography Cultural Festival, China. She holds a BA in Literature degree from Beijing Film Academy.
Fan Shunzan
Born in Taizhou, Zhejiang, he graduated from the Photography Department of The China Academy of Art in 2006, learned in the French Montpelier three arts from 2007 to 2008, and made advanced studies in France Arles National Photography Academy from 2008 to 2009. Now as the freelance photographer, he lives in Hangzhou. 
born 1988 in Jingzhou, China, is a photographer who now lives in Beijing.
把摄影作为自己的表达手段和艺术语言,用欲望作为动力记录当下女性自我意识的觉醒并与这个现实世界互动。曾获得第五届济南国际摄影双年展优秀摄影师奖,入选《城市画报》85后精英榜。自出版《青年》《之后》《Emma》《F Love》。作品曾在今日美术馆,三影堂摄影艺术中心,亦安画廊,宋洋美术画廊等地展出。
除了摄影师亦有写作者及模特多重身份,跨界于多个领域,与Fujifilm,Lane Crawford,MaxMara,I.T ,Lomography等品牌组织有过密切合作。
Taking photography as an expressive method and an artistic language, he documents the awakening self-awareness of contemporary females, as well as engages with the current reality.
9mouth has obtained the Outstanding Photographer Award at The 5th China Jinan International Photography Biennial and has been selected to be on as one of the Post–85s Elite List which is held by the renowned City Pictorial magazine. At the same time, he has self-published "Youth", "After", "Emma" and "F Love." His work in Today Art Museum, Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Aura Gallery, Msbad Space, and many other places.
Moreover, 9mouth is also works as a free-lancer writer and model who has worked closely with many clients such as Fujifilm, Lane Crawford, MaxMara, I.T and Lomography.
Li Ke
Born in Hubei China, 1979.
Graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA), M.A.
Currently works for Yangtze University as an Associate Professor.
Lives in Jingzhou, Hubei, China.
Exhibition & Award:
2005 "Binary Paradox of Anthropology" The 3rd Changsha Contemporary Exhibition.
2007 "Nanhuan Road" The 7th China Pingyao International Photography Festival.
2010 "Southern of City" The 2nd University Photography Exhibition of Hubei, Third Prize.
2013 "Super Landscape" The 10th National University Photography Exhibition, Honorable Award.
2014 "Polka City - Modernity Narrative Image on Spectacle Society " published by Hubei Fine Arts Press.
2014 "Polka City" The 14th China Pingyao International Photography Festival.
2014 "Polka City" IPA China Photography Competition, Architecture Category, Gold Winner.
Law Na Loretta
1973年生于湛江,香港与伦敦长大。现生活、工作于北京和伦敦。1998年于英国伦敦大学巴特莱特建筑学院毕业。 2001年于建筑联盟学院获得英国皇家注册建筑师。从事建筑设计十五年。从小学习绘画,并从十年前起开始尝试摄影艺术创作。 
Born in 1973 in Zhanjiang. Grew up in Hong Kong and London.  Currently living and working in Beijing and London.  Graduated in 1998 at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.  Obtained RIBA Chartered Architect qualification at Architectural Association, London 2001. Worked for 15 years as an architect.  Studied fine arts from an early age.  Started creating photographical art 10 years ago. 
“Los Angeles 2013 MOPLA Pin-Up Show: Desire” (Robert Berman Gallery, 洛杉矶,美国, 2013) 
“Los Angeles and Beyond: Fresh Look Reviewers Pick Projection” (MOPLA Pop-Up Gallery, 洛杉矶,美国, 2013) 
“London Photo Festival: Black & White Photography and/or Night Photography ” (The Crypt, 伦敦,英国, 2013) 
“首届北京国际摄影双年展:灵光与后灵光。爆名展:蓝与蓝” (中华世纪坛,北京,中国, 2013)
刘 卫
Lau Wai
1982 年出生于中国香港。2007毕业于Goldsmiths College, University of London,艺术系,获
学士学位。并于毕业同年获学院颁发The Warden's Art Prize。作品透过历史及被建构的场景
Born in 1982, Hong Kong, China. Graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of
London in 2007 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art. Her works explore the subject of
illusory authenticity, through historical sites and constructed sceneries. She received The
Warden's Art Prize from the college at the year of graduation. She has been participating
in group exhibitions in UK and China. Her works are collected by private collectors in UK.
She's currently based in Hong Kong and works in photography.
Liu Ying
北京电影学院摄影学院, 在读
Born in 1993.Hebei.
Lives in Beijing.China 
2012~2016 BFA Photography and FILM, Beijing Film Academy,Beijing,China
Ren Weixing 
获第五届中国大学生现代摄影大赛  优秀奖
获陕西省第16届摄影艺术展  观念类入选奖
“里昂—西安 丝绸之旅法中当代艺术联合展”
Born in 1992, native of xi 'an,now is working and living in Beijing.
2013 WORK《Dilemma》
Modern photography contest won the fifth China college students   Honorable mention
Shanxi province the 16th photography art exhibition              Concept of class award
2014 WORK《23000》
 University of darmstadt, Germany Photography Festival 
 “Lyon - Xi 'an Silk trip France China Joint exhibition of contemporary art”
2014 Pingyao International Photography Festival
China photographers' association“To the youth-2014 photography invitational exhibition of graduates in colleges and universities”
Shen Jingjing
Jingjing Shen is interested in producing new visual experience and new form of communication and interaction. Her work spans various media in visual communication, including photography, collage, lighting and moving image. Considering the latest achievements of contemporary science and technology, she concentrates on the expansion of the human wealth of aesthetic experience. She is currently studying at Royal College of Art, and she obtained her BA at Glasgow School of Art. She always observes ideas from daily life, to create and crystalise the moment when the human’s desire becoming ambivalent and complex.
Shen Yangchao
2014“我们如何成为世界的一部分”,蓝顶艺术区,成都 “我们如何成为世界的一部分”,十方艺术中心,重庆
Born in Qing Hai in 1987
Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2009
Now lives and works in Chengdu
2014 “How do we become a part of this world I”, Dimensions Art Center, Chongqing
   “How do we become a part of this world II”, Blue Roof Art District, Chengdu
2013“From out-of-town”, Space_Space, Chengdu
 Wang Juyan
Artist,lives and works in Beijing and London.
Wang Meijia
视觉艺术家,1987年出生于中国,现工作于纽约,布鲁克林区Bogart Art拥有个人工作室。作品包含了各种媒
A Chinese-born artist based in New York, I'm interested in Freudian psychology and human nature.
My works in various media, most often with the human body, which distorts, overlaps and ultimately
reveals in dream-like states. My recent work is centered on three areas – photography, moving
images and video installation. I also worked on other media such as drawing, painting, print, jewelry
design and fashion design.
Wu Shankun
1989年生,现居于北京,2012年北京师范大学影视系学士毕业,2014年伦敦传媒学院摄影硕士毕业。摄影作品主要探讨虚拟艺术与数字时代下人与环境的关系,热衷非洲传统艺术与电子乐。曾获得过国家级计算机比赛奖项及平面设计奖项,英国Photoworks Prize获奖者,并与法国Yellowkorner Gallery长期合作,作品多次参展于平遥摄影节及大理摄影节,亦数次在《摄影世界》杂志发表过摄影类文章。
Born 1989, based in Beijing, graduated with BA Media and Communication from Beijing Normal University, 2012; MA Photography from London College of Communication, 2014. Wu’s photography focuses on virtuality and the relationship between people and life. He has won several national prizes in computer programming and graphic design in China, he was the winner of Photoworks Prize in 2013 (UK). His works have been exhibited in China, UK, France and USA, and he has published more than 350 essays on photography in Photoworld.
Wu Wei
1998 graduated from Photography Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang, master degree. Now, associate professor. master degree tutor of professional photography of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts . Membership of China Photographers Association.
From 1999 to 2003 to create the Photography Department of Dalian Light Industry Institute, as the director of the Photography Department .
From 2002 to 2003, teacher of Beijing Art and Design College (now College of Art and Design of Beijing Industry University).
2003, returned to Department of Visual Communication and Design,Luxun Academy of Fine Arts to teach photography.
2003 to create Photography Department of Art School of Tianjin Polytechnic University, acted as the director.
2008, teacher of Professional Film and Television Animation Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts to teach photography .
Ng Tsz Lok Gary
独立摄影师,活跃于香港。他跟先后单独跟 Ben Lifson 及 Paola Ferrario 学习摄影。曾于香港文化中心、Black Box Gallery, Kiernan Gallery 及F-sop Magazine 发表其作品,最新的作品是「这么陌生,那么熟悉」。
Gary Ng is an independent photographer based in Hong Kong. He had an apprenticeship with Ben Lifson and Paola Ferrario. His works has been exhibited in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Black Box Gallery, Kiernan Gallery & F-stop Magazine. Also, he has recently published the book “so strange, so familiar” in 2014.
Xuan Canxiong 
Born in 1977 in Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province, graduated from Ceramic Arts and Design Major of Guangxi School of Design & Art in 1997. Now living and working in Guangzhou.
Yeung Tak Ming
杨德铭,伦敦大学金匠学院「影像及传播」硕士毕业。2000年香港中文大学新闻及传播学院毕业后加入摄影记者行列,曾任杂志图片编辑、路透社及经济日报摄影记者,中文大学及珠海书院新闻摄影课程兼任讲师,香港摄影记者协会前主席。屡获香港报业公会和香港摄影记者协会的新闻摄影奖项。2013年获Invisible Photographer Asia的街头摄影奖项亚军。在首届香港摄影节被选为十四位香港新世代摄影师之一。曾参与英国奥运「Road to 2012」艺术计划项目「Count to 12」,并于国家肖像画廊展出。杨氏现于香港居住及工作。
Born in 1978 in Hong Kong, Paul Yeung graduated from MA in Image and Communication (Photography) at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2011. Yeung worked at different publications and agency such as Reuters as photojournalist for 10 years after graduated from BA in Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000. He was elected to be chairman of the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association (2007, 2008). He was former part-time lecturer in Photojournalism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Photo-documentary in Chu Hai College of Higher Education.
In 2013, he was awarded 2nd prize of the award for street photography from the inaugural Invisible Photographer Asia Awards. Yeung had also received numerous awards presented by The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association and was selected as one of the Fourteen “Hong Kong New Generation Photographers” at the Hong Kong Photography Festival 2010. In 2011, he participated in “Count to 12”, a part of “The Road to 2012” project commissioned by and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. 
Yeung currently lives and works in Hong Kong.
Zhang Lu
2014 在伦敦获 Photoworks 入围奖
MA Photography Final Show, London College of Communication, London UK, 22nd Nov - 1st Dec 2014
MA Photography Interim Show, London College of Communication, London UK, March 2014
Born in Wenzhou, China in 1989
Currently lives and works in London
Selected Exhibition
MA Photography Final Show, London College of Communication, London UK, 22nd Nov - 1st Dec 2014
MA Photography Interim Show, London College of Communication, London UK, March 2014
Zheng Dragon
2015  机构生产-广州青年当代艺术生态考察/广东美术馆/广州
      色影无忌2014新锐摄影师发现之旅/中华世纪坛 数字艺术馆/北京
2014  折桂枝 中国新锐绘画奖作品展/HI艺术中心/北京
      SOUTH UP 南方影像公社第一回展/1312艺术空间/广州
      A PROJECT/宋庄美术馆/北京
      三位艺体 /红专厂当代艺术中心/ 广州
2013  IMAGR FOCUS中韩当代摄影展/井艺术空间/广州
Born in 1987 in Canton China ,graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, major in Oil Painting. A member of AAM and Chinese Artists Association of University. He now lives and creates his arts in Guangzhou. 
2015   Institution Production , Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou
       New Foto Award Exhibition, Millennium Monument of China, Beijing
2014   Chinese New Panting Award Exhibition, Hi Art Center, Beijing  
       The 5th New Star Art Festival, Today Art Museum, Beijing
       South Up, South Photography Commune The First Exhibition, 1312 Art Space, Guangzhou
       A Project, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing
       John Moores Painting Prize (China) Exhibition, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai 
       APPortfolio Asia Member's Tour Exhibition, Redtory Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou
2013   Image Focus, China & Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Jing Art Space, Guangzhou 
       Your World Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing 
       Yixian International Photography Festival, Yip's Ancestral Temple, Huangshan
       COART Asian Youth Arts Festival, Lijiang Yunnan 
Zhu Yinghao
1973 生于浙江永康
1996 毕业于北京语言大学阿拉伯语英语专业
1997-2006 报社记者、杂志编辑
2008至今 自由摄影师、旅行作者,长期生活工作于北京和世界各地
《Happy 60》,Edgar Frei 画廊+大河画廊, 伯尔尼+北京,2010
1973 born in Zhejiang, China
1992 studied at Beijing Language University BA in Arabic and English Literature
1996-2007 journalist/editor at different media companies
2008-now freelance photographer, travel writer
Group Exhibitions: 
2014 Voile & Wall, the 5th Jinan International Photography Biennial, China
2012 Notes of Reflection, Chamber Fine Arts, Chaochangdi Photospring, Arles in Beijing, China
2011 At the Foot of Jungfrau, Lianzhou Photography Festival, Guangzhou, China
2010 Happy@60, Edgar Frei Gallery, Bern, Switzerland
Zhuo Kailuo
1981 Health
Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 studied Photography Department
Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 studied photography Graduate
2010 attended the Beijing Film Academy Film Studies Seminar
2008 has taught at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Photography Department


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