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Exhibition introduction

Today, results of  the Ninth Three Shadows Photography Award and Shiseido Excellent Photographer award were officially announced, the ninth three shadows photography exhibition "Allegory" also opened at the same time.

After careful and rigorous review of the judges, Liang Xiu won the current three shadows photography award and Zhang Zhizhou won the Shiseido excellent photographer award .

The 20 artists who were nominated for the Ninth Three Shadows Photography Awards were selected by the invited judges, Mr. Feng Boyi and the three shadows primary committee, from 350 candidates. (British); photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa (Japan); founder and director of the three shadows photography art center, Jimei Arles International (photo), director of photography and international art, (China); German photographers Mr. Thomas Ruff (Germany) composed of international jury, and yesterday afternoon in the exhibition hall and exhibitors in-depth exchanges after one by one, through the three Round vote winners.
The winner of Shiseido excellent photographer award was selected by the Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Information Communication Department of the Ministry of long-time Mr. Kuo Yiyi, Shiseido Gallery Director Mr. Ito Hirohito.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the opening ceremony of the Ninth Three Shadows Photography Awards was officially commenced.

Rong Rong & Ying Li (founder and director of the Three Shadows Photography Arts Center) hoped that through the three shadows photography awards more people will concern about photography, while providing artists with  platform to express themselves. They wish the creation way of every artist goes wider and they wish them a brighter future. The director of Three shadows photography Art Center Beijing, Xiao Ling , thanked the multi-party for their support and sponsorship.

Mr. Simon Baker spoke as a representative of the international jury, indicating that the exhibition was rich in works, extensive and in depth, so that the judges are impressed by the depth and power of their thoughts. Subsequently, Thomas Ruff announced the winner of the prize, and  Ninagawa Mika and Feng Boyi gave the winner an awarded medal and 80,000 yuan prize.

Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Information Communication Department Headquarters Kubo Yuki announced   the Shiseido excellent photographer award and  present 20,000 yuan reward to Zhang Zhizhou.

On the  morning of the opening day, Three Shadows Photography Art Center held a series of lectures at the first exhibition hall:

Shiseido Information Communication Headquarters Headquarters Kubo Yoshihiro and Director of Shiseido Gallery, Ito Hirohara, delivered a lecture entitled "Shiseido Art Journey" to introduce Shiseido's attention to culture and art and its long-term investment. Tate Modern Art Museum's senior art curator of photography and international art , Simon Baker, shared the condition of collections and exhibitions of the Tate Modern Art Museum. After that, Simon Baker, Thomas Ruff , the Artistic Director of He Xiangning Art Museum Feng Boyi and the founder and director of Three Shadows Photography Art Center Rongrong had a discussion about "Eastern and Western Photography Now".


At 3:50 afternoon, The Flower Photography Exhibition of  Mika Ninagawa opened at the third exhibition hall of the Three Shadows. Artist  Mika Ninagawa  and the exhibition curator Goto Matsu in the scene on its creation for a depth of dialogue. This exhibition is a collection of nine themes across the series, and works in this exhibition were carefully selected especially for the main land of China which can give audience an insight of the purity and mystery  of her work.

"One day- paper binding image" photo book exhibition and market were held in the Three Shadows playground in the very early morning . Twelve institutions and individuals had brought the world's best photographic publications and artist handbooks to the event.

Xiao He, one of the representatives of Chinese folk songs, had brought us a wonderful performance after the opening event.