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Donation policy

Donation policy
The three shadows library as a public art library, at present in the World Photography Book 4000 copies, about 70% of them from all institutions and individual donation enthusiasm. The three shadows are often scholars artists, curators, research all over the world to visit, they gathered in this, exchanges, mutual exchange of needed products, matchmaking. Their visit brought many books to the library, or for the collection of signatures, times add friendship.
In this platform, we look forward to the photographers and their works of domestic introduction of the world, and to introduce the world China photographer works. As of July 2012, the three shadows that cooperation with Asian photo imaging Museum, held the first session of the joint exhibition China and Japanese photographer, during the promotion China photography books more than 90 books. So, you are looking forward to a photography book, photography magazine, generous grants, gongxiangshengju.
The three shadows library is also focused on collecting historical data since the Republic of China Chinese photography. In photographic journals, newspapers, pictures, photography historical documents, letters, manuscripts, diaries, posters, audio-visual materials, records of the meetings and even used photographic equipment, etc., are all we have to be an important literature collection. Three shadows to the information received after the unified registration, maintained and published online and thanks.
Ways of giving
If you wish to donate, can directly send three shadows library. Address: Beijing city Chaoyang District Caochangdi village of 155A, Three Shadows Photography Art Center, zip code: 100015.
Also sent a letter to, or call: 010- 64322663.