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Residential planning information
• Only SIM-card compatible mobile phones function in Beijing. If you plan on using a cellular phone from abroad, please be sure to unlock your cell phone at your phone dealer. Upon arrival, we will be happy to assist you in purchasing a new SIM-card (either China Mobile or China Unicom), which will have a Beijing phone number. Minutes are added onto phones on a pre-paid basis. Charge cards can be bought at local supermarkets and newspaper stands.
• There is a washing machine in the first floor bathroom available for use. Put your clothing and soap into the machine, press the red button to turn it on and the gray button to start the cycle.
• A dryer is not available – clothes are hang-dried. The drying rack is located behind the canteen. Otherwise, you can go to the village to have your clothes laundered at the Laundromat.

• You have the option of eating at the café at a discount or at various restaurants in the village. You have complete access to the fully equipped common kitchen. A home-style Chinese lunch is provided in the canteen Tuesday through Sunday at 12:30 for the staff and you are more than welcome to join. There is a Chinese supermarket in Wangjing (Ito Yokado) or a Western supermarket in Lido (Jenny Lou’s). Western restaurants are also located in the 798 area, and there are innumerable Western and Chinese restaurants throughout the city.
• Fodder Factory is a popular restaurant located in the village of Caochangdi with a bilingual menu and vegetarian dishes.

Driving Directions to Three Shadows
• From Dashanzi 798 (大山子 798)
Leaving 798 on your right proceed to the next large intersection. At the traffic light turn right. At the next traffic light, turn left. This will take you to the Old Airport Road. Make a right. Stay on that road and drive under the 5th Ring Road overpass until you reach Nangao Bridge南皋桥. Immediately after going under the bridge, you will see blue gallery signs (Three Shadows is the bottom one). Make a right on that small road and at the first intersection, make a sharp left. You will see our sign on the brick/wood fence surrounding our buildings.
Landmarks to help: at the last intersection before Nangao Bridge 南皋桥, you will see a very large sign for China National Film Museum on the right hand-side of the road.
• 从大山子798出发
• From Beijing and the Airport Expressway:
Exit at Beigao.北皋 Go north (i.e. right at the exit) on Jingshun Lu 京顺路 (also called Jingmi Highway京密路). At the first traffic light, make a right, another right at the first intersection. This will take you to the Old Airport Road where you will turn right again. Just before Nangao bridge 南皋桥you will see blue gallery signs (Three Shadows’ is the bottom one) on the left side of the road. Turn onto that small road and at the first intersection, make a sharp left. You will see our sign on the brick/wood fence surrounding our buildings.
Further help: If you drive under the 5th Ring Road overpass, you have missed the turn. Please turn back and just after Nangao Bridge, make a right.
• 从北京机场高速
• From Shunyi: (Yosemite Villas, River garden Villas, ISB, etc)
Take Jingshu Lu京顺路 (also called Jingmi Highway京密路) towards Beijing, Pass the intersection leading to Beijing Riviera and the one going to WAB. At the first intersection after the entrance to the Airport Freeway, make a left at the light and follow the sign for the Airport Side Road. Make a right on the airport side road and just before Nangao bridge 南皋桥you will see blue gallery signs (Three Shadows is the bottom one) on the left side of the road. Make a left on that small road and at the first intersection, make a sharp left. You will see our sign on the brick/wood fence surrounding our buildings.
Further help: If you drive under the 5th Ring Road overpass, you have gone too far. Please turn back and just after Nangao Bridge, make a right
• 从顺义别墅区


• Contact us :010-64322663-8000
• Taxis can be hailed from Jichangfulu (Airport Side Road). Heiche (unofficial) taxis and private drivers can also be arranged (please inquire).
• The Caochangdi bus stop for lines 418, 688, is on Nangao Road, near the Staples store. The Caochangdi bus stop for the 909 line is on Jichangfulu (Airport Side Road). 418, 688, and the 909 go directly from Dongzhimen to Caochangdi.Dongzhimen is also an important stop on line 2 for the subway.
• This ride takes approx. 30 minutes without traffic, but can take up to an hour or more if you hit rush hour (5:30-7:30). It should cost 1 RMB on 418 and 688, and 3 RMB on the 909, but if you purchase a transportation card your bus fare will be cut in half and subway fare (2 RMB) will stay the same.
• The buses stop running from the origin at 9:30 or 10pm depending on the bus. The metal plaques at the bus stop will list the specific time for each bus.
• If you want to come back to Caochangdi late at night, be aware that most taxis won't be willing to give you a metered ride so you must agree on a price beforehand. This can be around 40-60 RMB.
• The subway is a convenient form of transportation for traveling around the city. The nearest subway stops are Dongzhimen station for line 2 and Sanyuanqiao or Liangmaqiao for line 10.
• Transportation cards may be loaned from Three Shadows (depending on availability) with a deposit, and charged for easy bus and subway usage. Transportation cards can also be purchased at subway stations.

Tourist Info:
• Popular Beijing events websites are www.thebeijinger.comwww.timeoutbeijing.com and www.cityweekend.com. Read reviews, find events and browse their extensive directories.
• Popular guidebooks are The Insider’s Guide to Beijing (which can be purchased at bookstores and cafes throughout Beijing) or Lonely Planet.
• Free ex-pat events magazines are That’s Beijing, City Weekend, TimeOut, and the beijinger. They can be picked up at various bars, restaurants and shops geared towards ex-pat clientele.

Photography Supplies and Services
For developing, scanning and printing:
• Greenview Club
Tel: 010-59789513
Address: Chaoyang district, Jiuxianqiaolu 798 Art District, 797 Road, Bldg. B10
• Photochance
Chinese name: Xiang Sheng Hang
Located near the National Gallery off of Meishuguan Dongjie (East National Gallery road).
Landmark: San Lian Taofen Book Store (in the same building as Photochance).
Tel: 010-84034138
Address: 22 Meishuguan Dongjie, Wangfujing, Dongcheng
See Price Reference:
Film Processing: http://tps.xiangshenghang.com/film_processing/?cid=129
Film Scanning: http://tps.xiangshenghang.com/digital_print/?cid=137
Digital Printing: http://tps.xiangshenghang.com/epson/?cid=160
Framing Service: http://tps.xiangshenghang.com/framing_and_mounting/?cid=168

• TMIC (Time Machine Imaging Corp.)
Tel: 6431 0281
Address: 7D One Art Base Chaoyang
Materials, boxes, plastic sheets for negatives, etc.:
• Wande
A few doors down right from Photochance, if you're facing Photochance.
Photography mall:
• Beijing Camera Equipment City
Photography and camera supplies and repair.
Address: 40 Wukesong Lu Haidian

• Taxi hotline: (for organizing taxi trips in advance) ?96103
• Guanxi (a directory service that you can text the name of a shop or restaurant for more information): 1066 9588 2929

Western Supermarkets
• Jenny Lou's
• April Gourmet
Various locations for each chain can be found online.

• International SOS
On-site pharmacy, English-speaking staff
Tel: 6462 9112
Address: Kunsha BuildingNo 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing
• Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Tel: 86-10-65296699
Emergency: 86-10-65295284
Address: #1 Shuaifuyuan, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Translation and Production Assistants:
• Translation and production assistants for the day can be arranged for a fee. The artist should provide the day’s lunch and taxi fare.

Other Expenses
(Depends on the needs of the artist)
• Food: RMB 150/day
• Production Assistants: RMB 500-1000/day