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Situated in Beijing's Caochangdi art district, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre was China's first independent organization specializing in contemporary art photography. It was jointly founded by influential Chinese contemporary photographer, RongRong, and his wife, celebrate Japanese photographer, inri. Since June 2007, Three Shadows has become the country's premiere platform for high-caliber photographic presentation, promotion, discovery and international exchange.



Mission & Vision


-- Exhaustively uncover, precisely and thoroughly present the face of Chinese contemporary art photography

-- Promote international dialogue, elevating the status and importance of Chinese contemporary photography in an international context

-- Establish a platform for communication between contemporary art photography and broader society, influencing and advocating for the robust development of contemporary Chinese photography

-- Rooted in scholarship, education, exchange, and dissemination, reconstruct a system and culture for Chinese photography



Three Shadows Photography Award

In order to support emerging Chinese photographers and promote contemporary Chinese art photography, Three Shadows established its annual “Three Shadows Photography Award” program in 2009, open to Chinese located all over the world. The “Three Shadows Photography Award” is based in academic thought and takes its independent view of contemporary photography as a starting point, inviting a panel of international jurors to select forth artwork by photographers with the most independent spirit and artistic merits from an unceasing tide of new Chinese photographic talent. The award also serves to examine, explore, and research Chinese contemporary photography, simultaneously employing specialized methods of production, critique, exhibition, and publication, to introduce cutting edge contemporary Chinese photography to the broader public and further promote the continued development of Chinese contemporary photography.



Three Shadows Photography Art Centre x Les Rencontres d'Arles

From 2010 to 2012, the famed French photography festival, Les Rencontres d'Arles engaged in its first international collaboration with Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Thinking Hands to successfully host three years of the “Caochangdi PhotoSpring—Arles in Beijing” festival. Starting in 2015, Three Shadows and Les Rencontres d'Arles jointly established the annual “Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival” in Xiamen, China. The festival includes exhibitions, Photo Folio Review, symposiums, a university lecture tour, photobook market, and a variety of other events, including the “Jimei x Arles Discovery Award” and “Nomination Award.” It aims to establish the photography event with the largest scope and highest quality in Asia.



Educational Program

Three Shadows Educational Program takes on academic photographic research, the dissemination of knowledge, and the cultivation of talent. The Centre invites outstanding domestic artists, visiting scholars, and photography theorists to hold workshops, providing high-level curriculum to photography enthusiasts. Additionally, the Program offers youth courses, extending the reach of contemporary photographic education to a broader audience.



Artist in Residence Program

Providing a working and living environment to photographers, artists, curators, and scholars from all over the world, the program supports them in their artistic practice, exchange, and scholarly research, allowing them to experience Chinese culture, as well as promoting international dialogue and collaboration. We also design special opportunities for resident artists, including commissioning artwork, open studios, and public talks.




Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre incorporated more than 5000 volumes from the country's first specialized photography library into its collection. The library was first established in June 2007 in at Three Shadows' Beijing location in Caochangdi. The collected volumes primarily consist of photography books of various types including monographs, exhibition catalogues, periodicals, magazines, photography history and theory books, as well as some volumes on contemporary art. The collection, which continues to grow year upon year, is comprised almost entirely of generous donations from partner organizations and foreign visitors. The library is free and open to the public, aiming to share the world of photographic publications by allowing the public to gain greater understanding of the history and development of the art of photography. In November 2015, following the opening of Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre, the then over 4000 volume collection was moved from Beijing to Xiamen, reaching an even broader audience.



+3 Gallery


+3 Gallery is an independently operated art space under the flag of Three Shadows, which seeks first and foremost to act as a channel for promoting Chinese photography, past and present, while forging a path for the future of the medium. It aims to provide a professional model for promoting and guiding China's homegrown artists, and offer opportunities to the public to better understand and recognize the excellent photography produced in China. To this end, +3 Gallery aims to foster the further development of informed collecting of photography in China. With an international market operational model and professionalized service, +3 Gallery provides an excellent platform for both photographers and photography collectors.



Spatial Composition

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is comprised of two spaces, north and south: one is situated in Beijing's Caochangdi Art District, while the other is located in Xinlinwan, Jimei district, in the city of Xiamen in southern China. The Beijing location includes 4600 sqm of space and 2500 sqm of landscape architecture, designed by famed artists and architect, Ai Weiwei. The Xiamen location includes more than 3600 sqm of space and was designed by Ms. Liu Na of celebrated firm, LARGEarchitects. Aside from its exhibition spaces, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre also includes +3 Gallery, image production facilities, the library, the educational program, the book store, and cafe.